This Slaughterhouse Earth

This Slaughterhouse Earth

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chapter 4 – The Stairwell

Megan ran along right next to Lloyd.  She'd never even known his name until today, when she'd heard Bryan from her department use it.  But it looked like maybe he was going to save her life now... at least, he'd managed to get her out of that stupid conference room, which was more than anyone else had done.  Especially Steve, her useless 'work husband'. 
It was pitch dark down at this end of the building -- the were no windows on this floor, and all the lights were out.  But Lloyd seemed to know where he was going -- and then he yanked her to a stop.  "Hold up," he kind of breathed.  "Lemme see if my light will work."
Standing in the dark, Megan could hear rustling sounds, and realized Lloyd must be feeling through that big leather man-purse he carried -- which was another reason she'd wanted to team up with him.  She'd been pushed into that conference room without her purse, and so had every other woman in there, and the otherguys hadn't had much, but somehow Lloyd had grabbed hold of his brief case and kept it with him, and so far it had proven to have useful shit in it, too.
Behind them, now... no more than forty feet away, they hadn't run far into the darkness of the Marketing section, just around the corner, really... they could hear screams and hisses.  Megan hadn't paid much attention to the last six seconds or so as she and Lloyd had run like fuck out of the conference room, but it sounded like the rest of the people in the room had scrambled out from behind that overturned table and were stampeding out the conference room door -- or trying to.  The hisses sounded like fishzards.  
And then there were some of those bluish flashes, and zapping sounds.  "Goddamit Lloyd --" Megan whispered.  If she had to run off into the dark by herself -- 
"Got it," Lloyd said, and a fairly bright beam of light shot out of his hand -- he had one of those little thumb sized halogen flashlights.  "Come on!"
It was good that he'd gotten the light out, because directly ahead of them, on the floor of the aisle between cubicles that they were running through, all kinds of shit was scattered -- in addition to all kinds of loose papers to slip on, there were chairs, some kicked over on their sides, and some stuff that looked like it had been yanked off desks as the fishzards grabbed up everyone from this area -- keyboards, a couple of computer monitors, a lot of personal crap -- framed pictures and potted plants and little desk fountains and junk like that.   If they'd tried to run through it in the dark they'd have broken their necks.  With Lloyd's little light out, though, they could easily avoid or jump over shit, even running at nearly top speed.
Still holding hands, the two of them ran through Marketing.  Lloyd led Megan to a door in the corner with an EXIT sign over it.  The EXIT sign was still dimly lit.  He shoved it open with his shoulder, ignoring the WHEN DOOR IS OPENED ALARM WILL SOUND sign.  Megan saw the sign and braced for a blast of noise... but nothing happened, and Lloyd was pulling her through into the fire stairs. 
"That alarm hasn't worked for three months," Lloyd said.  "My supervisor has written up four people  from my team for sneaking into the stairwell to smoke."
He started down the stairs... and Megan tugged on his hand.  "Hold on," she breathed.  "I wanna listen a minute."
Lloyd rolled his eyes -- Megan made a note of that, she'd get him back for it later -- but held still, one step down from her.  She turned and pressed her ear to the metal door.
After several seconds, Lloyd whispered, "Well?"
Megan held up one finger to him, listened for another twenty seconds or so.  Then, finally, she whispered "I don't think anyone is following us."
She looked back at Lloyd, who was only a silhouette against the flashlight beam he was pointing down the stairs.  
After a second, he said "They have to know we're gone.  They would certainly have counted people as they put them in the room.  And I'm sure they caught at least some of the people who were in there.  They'll rat us out in a heartbeat."
Megan wanted to dispute that... would other people do that?  Tell a bunch of alien monsters that two other human beings had escaped?  She wanted to think no one would do that... but what she knew of how petty people were, and what they would do when they were scared... yeah.  They'd do it.  Steve would do it in a Kentucky minute, just to get back at her for running out with Lloyd.
"Maybe the lizardmen don't speak English," she said.
Lloyd was quiet again for a few seconds.  Then he said the last thing in the world she would have expected to hear:  "All right.  In that case, maybe we can sneak back and get the rest of them out."
Megan was absolutely astonished.  "Are you CRAZY?" she said, forgetting to whisper for a moment.  
"You think we should just leave them there?" Lloyd replied.  He didn't sound angry.  He sounded like he honestly wanted her opinion.
Megan thought about it.  It sure wasn't what someone on a TV show or in a movie would do.  And a few of the people in that room were supposedly friends of hers... work buddies, anyway.   If she were a good person, then certainly she should be trying to think of a way to get everyone out, or at least her friends.  But...
"Yes," she whispered, squeezing Lloyd's hand.  "I'm sorry, I guess I'm a selfish cunt, but yes, I think we should just leave them there."

Lloyd didn't say anything.  He didn't drop her hand, either, so after a second, Megan went on "This isn't a movie or a TV show!  You're not, like, Jack Bauer or something!  I'm sure as shit not fucking Wonder Woman!  All that would happen if we went back is we'd get captured again and probably killed!"
She could feel Lloyd's hand trembling in hers.  "I don't..." he started to say.
"You think if you leave them behind you won't be able to live with yourself?" Megan asked.   That would be interesting.  Megan had only ever known that sort of person theoretically, from TV and movies.  She'd never would have thought there were real people like that.  Was Lloyd like that?
"No," Lloyd said, finally, kind of sighing.  "My conscience doesn't work that way.  If I don't go back for them... it won't bother me."  He stopped.  "But it would make me an asshole."
"Yeah, just like the rest of the human race," Megan whispered.  "And in this case, a LIVE asshole."
She pressed her ear to the door again.  Lloyd waited, quietly.
After almost a full minute, she said "I really don't think anyone is coming after us."  She turned her head towards Lloyd.  "Maybe the lizardmen can't count."
Lloyd kind of shuffled on the steps.  Then:  "Or they just don't care that much.  They've got a building full of prisoners, after all."
"Yeah..." Megan moved away from the door.  
The stairwell smelled of old, damp concrete and rusty metal, but there were other smells in there, too... or so it seemed to Megan, anyway.  Stale cigarette smoke.  Sweat.  And, just faintly... semen.  It was just a very slight tang in the air, but Megan could smell it.  People had had sex in this stairwell.
"Come back up here, Lloyd," she said.
Lloyd stepped back up onto the landing, next to her.  "Why?  Are we going back to try to save..."
Megan put her hand gently over his mouth.  "Nope."  She pushed him back against the wall with her other hand on his chest.  "Sit.  On the top step.  Facing down the stairwell."
"What are we..."  Lloyd went quiet for a second.  Megan traced her hand down his shirt, found his belt buckle, moved her other hand down to start unbuckling it.  "Oh.  Jesus Christ."  He didn't say anything for a couple of seconds, as she worked on the buckle.  She got it open and unsnapped his jeans.  "Shit.  Megan.  We're too close... we don't have time... we can't..."
She worked his jeans and underwear down to his knees, crouching down to do it.  He smelled funky, but she was sure she must be pretty rank, too.  She knew his junk was hanging down right in front of her head... if she looked up, it would be right there.  She could smell it.  She'd always liked the smell of a man's cock and balls... not just the smell, either.  The taste, the texture.  She wasn't sure, but she thought maybe the tip of his dick, or maybe his balls, were just barely touching her hair.  She might have been imagining it, but she thought she could feel very slight tactile pressure from that area.
And the very real danger they were in made it even more exciting for her.  Plus, she was cheating on Jim.  All of that had her nipples aching inside her bra, and she knew her panties were getting sticky.
"Sit," she said.  She put her hands on his legs, on either side of his knees, and moved him like a big doll.  She wouldn't have been able to if he hadn't cooperated, but he let her move him.  She turned him so he was facing down the stairs, and then he sat down on the landing.
She knelt on the third step down.  "You think they were only getting written up for smoking in the stairwell?" she giggled, and leaned in to puff hot breath on his erection.
"I heard... rumors..." Lloyd kind of whisper-moaned.  "Jesus.  We really shouldn't do this...."
Megan couldn't talk, she was using her tongue.  Skillfully... or so she'd been told in the past.  After a few seconds, she said "I want to.  It will help us both be less afraid.  And I want you to know you can trust me to keep my promises."
She leaned in again, and didn't say anything further for the next seven minutes or so. Megan hadn't been raised in a barn, after all.  She knew she wasn't supposed to talk with her mouth full.  Lloyd moaned a lot though, under his breath, and about ten seconds after she started working on him, his hands went to her head and took a tight grip on two fistfulls of her hair.  Megan gave a throaty little grunt when he did it, to let him know she liked that.
When she finished him off, she pulled her head back... reluctantly, she really did enjoy it... and whispered, "Okay.  Now we can go."
Lloyd let go of her hair and whispered back "You want me to do anything for..."
Megan shook her head; Lloyd could see her in the light from his little flashlight.  "No, I'm cool.  Later.  That was good for me, too."
She and Lloyd both stood up at the same time.  He was having a hard time getting his pants back up with the flashlight in one hand.  Megan could have taken the flashlight, but instead she grinned and helped him pull his pants up, made sure he was all tucked away inside, zipped him up, snapped his fly, and helped him get buckled.
"You seem to know your way around this whole kinda thing," Lloyd said, after she finished.

"Baby, in high school I was the queen of the stairwell suck off," Megan said.
Lloyd shook his head.  He took her hand in the one that wasn't holding the flashlight and started down the stairs.  "High school was 25 years ago for me," he said.  He squeezed her hand.  "Thanks, by the way.  You were awesome.  I haven't had anyone do anything like that for me since my wife and I got divorced eight years ago."
Now Megan shook her head.  "Eight years.  I graduated from  high school eight years ago... wow.  I couldn't go eight years without sex.  I'd lose my mind."
"We live in very different worlds," Lloyd said.  They reached the door to the first floor and stopped.
"Not any more," Megan said.
Lloyd looked at her.  "That's a good point," he admitted.
Now he pressed his ear to the door.  After thirty seconds or so, he said "Okay.  I don't hear anyone.  So here's the plan... we're going to head down the hall to the lobby."
Megan thought about that.  "Why?  There's an exit to the outside right across the hall from this stairwell."
Lloyd nodded.  "I know.  But it's a metal door like this one and you can't see out through it and I have no idea what's going on outside this building."
Megan... whose stomach had been feeling nice and warm and full a second ago... now felt her guts turn over.  "Omigod.  You think... oh fuck."
Lloyd nodded.  "Why would they just invade our building?  I think they might have invaded the whole city.  Maybe the whole world.  There are windows and glass doors off the lobby.  I want to look outside before we leave the building.  Maybe it's safer to stay inside and just try to avoid the fishzards up on the second floor.  We could always go down to the basement."  He paused, then went on, "Plus, there's a security guard in the lobby, and they're all ex cops and they carry guns.  If his body is out there, maybe we can get a gun off of it."
Again, Megan's stomach contracted.  "You... you think he's dead?"  A voice inside her head spoke up at that point:  Of course he's dead you stupid blonde bimbo, what do you think, the lizardmen took over the building and gave him a lollipop?
Lloyd just looked at her.  Then, after a second, he looked away.  "Yeah. I know.  Honest to christ, Megan, I'm freaking out about this whole thing, too.  But we've got to try to keep our shit together."
She looked down.  If she'd been horny before, she sure wasn't any more.  "Okay."
Lloyd said "At least I don't hear anything on the other side of this door."  He hesitated, then said "You want to stay here while I check out the lobby?"
Megan immediately said "No."  Then she couldn't help it, she giggled.  "I don't know who you are, but I... I'm with you."
Lloyd chuckled.  "Honey, I bet Avril Lavigne don't give head the way you do.  Okay.  Let's do this thing."  
He pulled open the door and they went out into the hall. 

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